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IPitomy 1500 (Discountinued)

The IPitomy 1500 is a powerful business communications platform. It is a pure IP PBX designed to use IP networks for voice calls. Engineered to support from 10 to 500 users, the system will work with analog lines and T1 /PRI lines for traditional Public Switched Telephone Network (PSTN) connectivity. In addition to traditional telephone lines, the IPitomy 1500 can use VoIP service providers like IPitomy Exchange, replacing traditional PSTN lines with a broadband connection.


The Perfect Office Solution

IP1500 handles all of your communications requirements in the office. The IP 1500 can be configured in any way that best suits your telecommunications needs. Easy connection to VoIP over your existing data connection or the IPitomy IP1500 can be linked up to the IP400 for easy connection to PSTN lines. Also available is a on board PSTN card that can handle up to twenty-four lines. If you network requires a fast moving T1 line, we have it. Add - on T1 cards can support standard T1 technology and also PRIís. The Ipitomy1500 can also support dual port T1 cards. With this state of the art system the possibilities are endless. Whatever the situation maybe with the purchase of an IPitomy IP1500 you will be covered.


Quality and Security with Every Call

At IPitomy, quality voice connections are not just an afterthought. IPitomyís high performance telephone system is capable of providing quality of service technology as well as inclusion of state of the art jitter and echo cancellation not found on more expensive systems. The result is high quality voice transmission on every call.