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IPitomy VoIP Glossary

Adapter A device that adds network functionality to a PC.
ATA Analog Telephone Adapter
Bandwidth The transmission capacity of a given device or network.
Bridge A device that connects two different kinds of local networks, such as a wireless network to a wired Ethernet.
Broadband An always-on and fast Internet connection.
Browser An application program that provides a way to view and interact with all the information on the World Wide Web.
DID Direct Inward Dialing
DSL Digital Subscriber Line
Encryption The manipulation of data to prevent accurate interpretation by anyone except those for whom it was intended.
Ethernet An IEEE standard network protocol that specifies how data is placed on and retrieved from a common transmission medium.
Gateway A device that interconnects networks with different, incompatible communications protocols.
IEEE The Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers An independent institute that develops networking.
Infrastructure Currently installed computing and networking equipment.
IP Internet Protocol used to send data over a network.
ISP Internet Service Provider provides access to the Internet.
LAN Local Area Network
Network A series of computers or devices connected for the data sharing, storage, and/or transmission between users.
Packet A unit of data transmitted over a network.
PBX Private Branch Exchange
Port The connection point on a computer/networking used for plugging in a cable or adapter.
PSTN Public Switched Telephone Network
Router A networking device that connects multiple networks together, such as a local network and the Internet.
Server Any computer in a network whose function is to provide user access to files, printing, communications, etc.
SIP Session Initiation Protocol
SOC Smart Operator Console
SPC Smart Personal Console
Upgrade To replace existing software or hardware with a newer version.
UPS Uninterruptible Power Supply
VoIP Voice Over Internet Protocol
VPN Virtual Private Network
WAN Wide Area Network
WLAN Wireless Local Area Network