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SpeechBridge® SMB Download Brochure

SpeechBridge® SMB has been designed as a comprehensive speech solution for small and medium sized business, with core “must-have” functionality for enterprises looking to add the power of speech: flexible, standards based, multi-vendor VoIP system integration, and an out-of-the box suite of business applications, all in a self-contained system for speech applications.  SpeechBridge SMB can be deployed as a turn-key appliance with all necessary hardware and software or as a software only appliance on compatible customer preferred hardware that meets minimum hardware specifications.

SpeechBridge SMB empowers your organization to add advanced speech capabilities as a seamless enhancement to your current IT network investment at a price point you never thought possible in enterprise technology.   Now all the benefits of automated speech recognition technology are no longer reserved for large enterprises and call centers. SpeechBridge is the perfect complement to your core enterprise applications and includes a suite of business applications out-of-the box.

Included Speech-Driven Applications - From day one, your organization will benefit from these proven and easy to use applications:

    Auto-Attendant: Improve and accelerate service for your customers by allowing them to speak the name of the individual or department or they wish to reach. No more “dial by name” pain – just say the name and be connected.
    E-mail Access: Gives your employees the ability to pick up any phone (internal or external) and speak simple voice commands to access enterprise e-mail in a safe, 100% hands-free manner.
    Calendaring: Your employees can speak simple voice commands to access their calendars to review, and accept or reject meeting requests, all from any phone in a safe, 100% hands-free manner.

Appliance Includes - Hardware in a 1U rackmount server, 2 ports of SMB Platform, 2 ports of application suite (Auto-attendant, E-mail, and Calendaring), 2 ports of Automatic Speech Recognition (ASR) Engine, 2 ports of good quality Text-to-Speech (TTS) engine, VoIP connectivity via SIP, Web admin tools, Active Directory & LDAP support, and Microsoft Exchange* integration for E-mail and Calendaring.  Default operating system is CentOS 5, additional operating systems supported upon request (RHEL 4 & 5, Windows Server 2003 & 2008).

*Microsoft Exchange (2003 or 2007) required for E-mail and Calendaring applications.

With its scalable system architecture, organizations can build upon their previous IT investments with the Incendonet solution in a straightforward and cost-effective manner. Powered by advanced self-configuring technology, just plug them in, turn them on and begin seeing an ROI on your SpeechBridge investment from day one with a suite of employee productivity and customer self-service applications.

Purchasing Incendonet Products

Contact the AVS Sales Department for ordering and pricing information.