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Products from Incendonet Overview

Incendonet is the industry leader in providing a complete line of open, standards based speech recognition solutions for companies of any size.  Each member of our SpeechBridge® product family is straightforward to deploy, easy to integrate, and supports the leading communications protocols being used in today’s IP networks.

SpeechBridge empowers your organization to:

  • Access core enterprise applications: E-mail, corporate calendars, employee directory, and more!
  • Automate repetitive tasks
  • Lower operating costs
  • Improve customer self service options

Our knowledgeable team of professionals can also help your organization realize the endless possibilities for implementing automated speech solutions by leveraging our deep understanding of speech automation standards and best practices.


Incendonet’s SpeechBridge® product family encompasses cost-effective advanced speech solutions that fit the needs of every enterprise. Our solutions grow with you as you further integrate speech into your operations.

Out of the box, SpeechBridge gives your company a speech driven auto-attendant, mobile e-mail access, calendaring, and a complete, standards based IVR speech platform for an endless variety of proven speech enabled applications.  With advanced self-configuring technology, the SpeechBridge platform and suite of applications are easily provisioned and deployed in under an hour!

Companies that implement speech applications such as speech driven auto-attendants, mobile e-mail access, automated bill pay, ordering systems and service call scheduling applications, have already gained a significant and measurable edge over their competition.  Improve customer service, enhance mobile worker productivity and lower your operating costs today.

SpeechBridge SMB   SpeechBridge SMB has been designed for small and medium sized organizations looking for a complete speech application platform that can grow with them as they define their speech strategy. With a price point unheard of for speech recognition technology, SMB is the perfect choice for those organizations implementing automated speech solutions for the first time.
SpeechBridge Pro  

SpeechBridge Pro is offered for larger organizations or those with a more defined speech strategy.  The Pro edition builds upon the capabilities of the SMB offering by including an enhanced text-to-speech engine, advanced grammar support for larger company directories, and additional customization options.

SpeechBridge HA-Pro  

SpeechBridge HA-Pro brings telco-grade reliability to the SpeechBridge family. Its distributed symmetric-failover configuration ensures that your speech applications achieve





Advanced technology simplifies installation, setup and administration.  Allows for SpeechBridge to be implemented as a seamless enhancement to your VoIP solution in a matter of minutes.

SIP Native

Developed from the ground up to offer a standards based, native SIP, VoIP network appliance and will work with any SIP based VoIP solution.

Flexible Directory Options

The SpeechBridge applications can be automatically provisioned via LDAP, MS Active Directory, XML/CSV files, or web entry.

Complete Voice Platform

SpeechBridge supports a wide range of voice applications and as your organization automates daily business tasks you increase the ROI of your VoIP network investments.

Tight MS Exchange Integration

Seamless and secure integration with Exchange.  Applications are ready to go out of the box with minimal web based administration.

Automatic VoiceXML Generation

When changes are made to your directory, the network appliance automatically generates VoiceXML for the SpeechBridge applications.

Instant ROI Generating Applications

With Auto-Attendant, E-mail Access, and Calendaring ready to use, your organization will begin realizing ROI from day one.

What is automated speech?

Automated speech recognition (ASR) is the ability for users of information systems to speak rather than punching numbers on a keypad. ASR is used to route phone calls and provide information. Automated Speech Applications allow customers and employees to speak direct queries or responses, such as a request to be connected to a company department or to retrieve corporate e-mail or appointments.

In recent years, ASR has become popular in the customer service departments of large corporations and call centers, but has been unavailable to most companies due to the complexity and cost of deploying automated speech applications. The SpeechBridge family of appliances eliminates these hurdles.

Why should we use automated speech?

  • According to Forrester Research Inc., customer service calls handled by automated systems cost an average of 20 cents per minute, compared with $7 per minute for live help.
    –Case Study, Speech Recognition, Debra D’Agostino, Ziff Davis, Dec 05
  • A recent Gartner study shows that most customers prefer speech to both touch-tone and the Internet for self-service. The chief reasons cited are the convenience of anywhere, anytime access coupled with hands-free interaction.
    –Case Study, Is Speech Recognition Right for You?, Gail Sprague, Contact Professionals, July 06

How can automated speech technologies help you?

Would your employees benefit from secure mobile access to e-mail?

Yes! Sales people, field technicians, field support staff, logistics workers, warehouse associates, IT support staff, customer service representatives, human resource workers, and many others can all have secure instant access to their corporate e-mail.  The E-mail reader accesses your in-box and reads you your new e-mails, from any phone, any time, any where.

With more and more states adopting legislation requiring the use of hand-free devices while operating an automobile, pro-actively give your employees safe, hands free access through simple spoken commands.

“You have eleven new messages. E-mail one, from Robert Bryant.  Received today at 1:27 PM…”

Now, access your email securely, without the need to purchase new mobile devices and increased service plans. Telephone e-mail access opens the door to adding mobility to specific business processes that use e-mail as a core component.

Would your customers be better served if they could ask for an employee or department rather then listen to annoying and time consuming phone trees?

Yes! “Thank you for calling ACME Corp., please say the name of the person or department you wish to reach.”

The auto-attendant routes customers in an efficient and helpful manner, while lowering average call times and over all customer support costs.

Would your company benefit from offering after hours customer self-service options?

Yes! “You have reached ACME’s after hours self-service assistant, if you would like to access our automated system for ordering, account balance, order status or bill pay systems, please say, ‘self-service assistant’.”

With SpeechBridge®, you can automate repetitive business functions and provide customer self service options 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Would your employees be more productive with secure and safe mobile access to each other and corporate calendars?

Yes! “Schedule a meeting for November 6 with the mid west sales team and Susan Shelton…”

With an integrated suite of applications, employees can connect with each other by speaking a name with out the need to maintain printed corporate directories and access calendaring functions to schedule meetings and review up coming appointments.

Incendonet Docs

  SpeechBridge Overview (PDF)

  Technical Datasheet (PDF)

  Whitepaper:  “Anatomy of a Speech System” (PDF)

  Case Study:  “Custom Speech Solutions with SpeechBridge” (PDF)

Purchasing Incendonet Products

Contact the AVS Sales Department for ordering and pricing information.