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Networking Products

Broadband DSL / T1

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Custom Web Design

Design & Printing Service


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IPitomy 1200 VoIP PBX


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HavenZone Web Based Products

HavenZone offers many different services on the World Wide Web. With a focus on custom built and designed web sites, HavenZone also offers web hosting services and advertising services. Many of our clients are companies with no employees that have web design expertise and need the ability to make changes to their web site when they want to. Our advanced style of web design using PHP programming with MySQL databases allows HavenZone to develop administration pages to a custom web site that allow the end user to make changes to any web page as they need. There is no recurring bill or a charge to change web pages that you already paid for. Let HavenZone build a custom web solution for you and see how cutting edge technology can save your business money. With HavenZone and Advanced Voice Solutions you have a one-stop shop to all of your communications needs. Contact a sales representative today to find out how HavenZone and Advanced Voice Solutions can provide you with a communications solution. Click here to contact the sales department.


Custom Web Design

HavenZone provides high quality custom web sites for all sizes of businesses. If you are looking to have a web site created for your company look no further than HavenZone. Custom web sites include:

  • Custom Web Pages
  • Advanced Administration Pages
  • Contact Pages
  • Advanced Business Listing on
  • Plus much much more...
All custom web sites from HavenZone inc are designed with the highest quality. By having a web site, you give your business exposure to a rapidly growing client base on the world wide web. Because HavenZone offers custom web design, all prices are quoted on a custom basis. The price starts around $499 for a small web site with 5 - 10 pages and changes depending on the features you would like included on your site.
Please contact a sales associate to find out more.
The HavenZone design team uses PHP/MYSQL technologies to create an advanced administration section to every web site. The goal of this feature is to allow you the client to make changes to your own web site whenever you want to. Why pay a web design company to update your web site everytime you want to make a change or have a sale. With the administration pages you would simply log into your web site and change the text where you want. There is no need to know how to design web sites, this system is completely user friendly. For a detailed price list click here.

HavenZone Client Sites Include :

Don't let your business fall behind... Let HavenZone design a web site for you today!!!

Web Hosting Services

HavenZone offers many different packages for web site hosting. many of the normal features you would expect to see from a hosting company are included with one major difference. All hosting packages purchased from HavenZone include an Advanced Business Listing on So, when you purchase a hosting package with HavenZone there is no need to purchase an Advanced Business Listing separately. Visit the Advertising page to find out more about Advanced Business Listings (Featured Business)

If you are purchasing a hosting package to host a web site designed by HavenZone it is important to select the Linux Hosting packages if you would like to have an administration section developed for your web site.

Web site hosting is not the only service you can purchase from HavenZone. If you need to register a domain name for your business HavenZone offers very compeitive rates for all kinds of domain names. Some of the other features HavenZone offers are :

  • Web Site Hosting
  • Domain Names
  • SSL Certificates
  • Email Accounts
  • Marketing Tools
  • Quick Blog Casting
  • Traffic Facts
  • Transfer Domains
  • WebSite Tonight
  • Quick Shopping Cart
  • Online Photo Filer
  • Traffic Blazer
  • Fax Thru Email
  • Online Calendar
  • Dedicated Servers
  • Static IP's
  • Park Domains
  • Plus much more...

For full list of all the things HavenZone Hosting Services has to offer please visit: