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HavenZone VoIP - Toll Free Unlimited

Get your own US/Canada Toll Free Number with unlimited calling

The Business Toll-Free Unlimited Plan includes the following for the low price of $54.95 per month:


      • unlimited incoming/outgoing calls to/from numbers within the US and Canada.
      • one US/Canada Toll Free Number.
      • available for use anywhere in the world you connect to the internet.


For Example
Let's say you want to receive calls in Mexico City where you use your HavenZone account. Your customers are in Miami and you don't want them to have to pay to call you. You could get a Toll-Free Unlimited plan and answer your calls without International long distance. You can answer the calls anywhere in the world you connect using your HavenZone account. The Toll-Free Unlimited plan is not designed for telemarketing, call centers or other high volume users.

      • Included features such as:
      • - eVoicemail
        - Call Forwarding
        - 3 Way Calling
        - Call Waiting
        - Low International Rates
        - Caller ID
        - 911 Dialing
        - and more ...

Added Benefits

    • Free calls to other HavenZone members anywhere in the world.
    • HavenZone has Phone Numbers Available across the world.
    • Manage your account anytime through your Online Account Management.
    • You can 'Bring Your Own Device" or purchase directly from HavenZone.
    • Access to US/Canada emergency services with 911 Dialing.



    • You must have a broadband Internet connection.
    • You need an analog telephone adapter, IP Phone or Softphone.


You can start saving immediately! Place your order and then download the free softphone to immediately begin using your HavenZone account. No equipment needed.

Toll Free Unlimited with U.S. incoming number: $54.95 per month* and one time setup fee of $24.95.

*Some International Phone Numbers have higher monthly fee



Toll Free Unlimited

    • Unlimited US/Canada Toll Free calling
    • free calls to other HavenZone members
    • Incoming Number of your choice
    • the HavenZone Suite of Features
    • one time setup fee of $24.95
$54.95/mo Sign Up Now


Business Toll Free Unlimited

    • PBX users such as IPitomy or Asterisk are not permitted to use Unlimited Calling Plans.
    • Toll free numbers are not accessible from Puerto Rico and Alaska.
    • US or Canada toll free number included with plan.
    • Calls to mobile phones and other countries are charged our standard International rates.
    • International mobile carriers will charge the caller for any error messages and will be deducted from your account at the end of each call.
    • The Business Unlimited Plans are based on the calling habits of the average small office user. Businesses that require multiple users making simultaneous calls or high volume users in the business of making or taking phone calls should use our Business Bulk Plans. HavenZone retains the right to require account upgrade or suspend service if the calling habits are outside these guidelines.
    • Calling plans are restricted for use by only a single HavenZone number/SIP device to prevent abuse. Unlimited calling plans allow for one simultaneous call and are not designed for users who wish to send multiple calls at the same time.
    • Call forwarding to PSTN numbers requires the account have Prepaid Call Credit as forwarding calls to PSTN is not included with any unlimited plan.
    • This plan is applicable for users making calls on the HavenZone network primarily. Customers who have the need to make calls to a variety of locations within the territory and to some of the larger metropolitan locations will find this offering most useful. Call traffic should not terminate to off-network locations a majority of the time. Should you have any questions about the best plan for meeting your specific needs, consult a customer service representative.

Business Platinum Unlimited


Sign Up Now

Toll Free Unlimited
First Month
Setup Fee $24.95
Monthly Fee* $54.95
Service Fee $2.75
Startup Cost $82.65

Each Additional Month
Monthly Fee* $54.95
Service Fee $2.75
Monthly Cost $ 57.70

Note: Based on US Phone Number. Higher monthly fee applies for international numbers.