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HavenZone VoIP - Cancel Services

You may cancel services at any time...

Sorry to see you leave our service. There are no contracts or commitments to HavenZone VoIP Phone Service. If you are sure you wish to cancel your account there will be no charge, but if you do cancel your account and decide to resume your account later on you will be charged the setup fee over again.

To cancel your account simply click on the "unsubscribe" button below if you are currently paying with a PayPal account. If you are not using a PayPal account you must fill out the form below and a HavenZone Team Member will contact you about canceling your account. You must submit you cancellation request at least 4 days prior to the start of the next billing cycle to avoid being billed for the following month. Also if you would like to use Local Number Portability to move your phone number to a different carrier service you must continue your HavenZone VoIP Phone service for at least 30 days after submitting the request to move your number to avoid loosing your phone number.



Phone Service Cancellation Form

      Account Number ( VN ) :

Email Address :       Contact Phone Number :

Billing Address :

Billing Address 2 :

City :       State :       Zip Code :

Reason for canceling service :

I agree that I am the person responsible for this account and I wish to cancel my service to HavenZone VoIP Phone Service.
I understand that as soon as the current billing cycle ends I will no longer be charged for the service and the service will no longer work.
I also understand that all of the information must be correct and I will be contacted by the HavenZone Team to confirm my cancellation request and information.