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Networking Products

Broadband DSL / T1

VoIP Phone Service

Custom Web Design

Design & Printing Service


IPitomy i550 VoIP Phone with VIP


IPitomy 1200 VoIP PBX


AVST CallXpress v8.1



Emergency Notification System

Support Plans

Off-Site Auto Backup Service


IPitomy Products

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IPitomy VoIP Phones



HavenZone Networking Products

In cooperation with Advanced Voice Solutions, HavenZone offers Networking Products from leading manufacturers like Microsoft, Cisco and Linksys. The HavenZone networking products consist of hardware, software and years of networking experience. For everything from configuring a corporate network to implementing a VoIP solution, HavenZone has the understanding and the knowhow to bring your company up to the latest in industry standards as well as the latest in network security. The networking services offered by HavenZone are:


      • Consulting Services
          • Network Security Audit
          • Network Structure Audit
          • Network Design
          • Network Mapping
          • Network Implementation
      • Windows Server Configuration
          • Domain Server (Active Directory)
          • Web Server
          • Email Server (Microsoft Exchange)
          • File Server
          • MySQL Configurations
      • Hardware Installation
          • Routers & Switches
          • Network Attached Storage (NAS)
          • DSL / Cable Modem / T1 / FIOS Configurations
          • Network Cables (CAT5e/CAT6)
          • WiFi Access Points & Configuration
      • VoIP Products & Services
          • IPitomy VoIP Products
          • Linksys VoIP Products
          • SIP Based Phone Service
      • Software Solutions
          • Microsoft Products
          • Zoho Products
          • Custom Intranet Solutions
          • Custom Web Based MySQL Interfaces









With many other services offered to help your company create a network that works for you, HavenZone is ready to bring your company up to the latest standards in networking and create an environment that makes working more streamlined. Working with Advanced Voice Solutions, HavenZone can create a work environment that is perfect for mobile employees and telecommuters. With the expense of gas and other commuting expenses, HavenZone can create a network environment that will allow you and your employees to work from any location as if they are sitting in the office.

Using the latest technologies HavenZone will help your company evolve with the digital age! Helping your company be able to get more work done while cutting the bottom-line is the goal of HavenZone. With products and services offered by Advanced Voice Solutions, HavenZone can turn your work environment into a global environment.

For more information please contact the sales department.