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RightFAX Business Server
Captaris RightFax is the proven market leader in enterprise fax and e-document delivery software. It delivers the most reliable and robust solutions to integrate and automate the flow of a full range of fax, paper and electronic documents and data, enabling enterprises to achieve significant cost reductions.  By using a RightFax fax server, companies can securely and efficiently deliver business information from virtually any application via fax, email, print devices or over the Internet.


Why use RightFax as your fax server?

  • COST REDUCTIONS   RightFax fax software delivers a significant reduction in fax and document delivery costs by eliminating the need for paper-based delivery, stand-alone fax machines and associated maintenance, supply, equipment and labor costs.
  • TIME SAVINGS   RightFax fax software significantly reduces the time it takes your employees to exchange documents with customers or suppliers—resulting in faster sales cycles, quicker customer service and improved efficiency.
  • DOCUMENT SECURITY   RightFax fax software offers a trusted and reliable fax server and electronic document delivery solution that will help you comply with regulations and safeguard information security and privacy.
  • FAX MARKET LEADER “RightFax is the world leader in fax server software, with a market share five times larger than its nearest North American competitor and 2.5 times larger than it’s nearest global competitor.” Why? Because we focus on making the best and most reliable fax software available.

Going Green the Right Way

Benefits for RightFax Integrations

  • Reliability

  • Reduced communications costs

  • Easy installation and deployment

  • Increased organizational efficiency

  • Greater ROI from technology investments

  • Consolidation of resources

  • More timely business information delivery

  • Streamlined processes across the enterprise

RightFax goes beyond other fax software solutions to give organizations unrivalled reliability, performance and ease of use.  RightFax has the most certified, proven and built-in integrations on the market.  These tight integrations and longstanding alliances provide users significant advantages.