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Summary of Support Plans


• Included with New Purchase or included with Software Upgrade

• Available to any system not previously covered by XpressCare

• Renewable (within 30 days of expiration of existing XpressCare plan)


Per Incident

• Available to all supported systems

• Available to AVST certified technicians



XpressCare is included with the purchase of new CallXpress® and Seneca® system software for 12 months. The option to purchase additional years of XpressCare is available to systems that are new, have purchased a software upgrade, or are renewing an existing XpressCare plan.

XpressCare includes:

• All major and minor software upgrades for software modules enabled on the system
• Hot fixes and service packs provided for current release and previous release
• AVST Certified Technicians receive technical support for systems within one release of the current version of software during normal business hours of 5:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m. Pacific Time for North American resellers and 8:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m. GMT for EMEA resellers.
• Professional Services Dedicated Technical Support available to Certified Technicians for installations and upgrades during normal business hours and after hours.
• Emergency after hour technical support on a call back basis for critically impaired systems.

Additional Details:

• XpressCare does not include RightFax software upgrades or support. RightFax support plans must be purchased separately.
• If a system has more than 50 unified messaging clients, XpressCare for UM clients is required.
• If a system has text-to-speech channels, XpressCare for text-to-speech is required.
• Seneca and CallXpress support options are sold separately.
• Does not cover the costs of Dedicated Support Requests (DSR)
• XpressCare plans included with a new purchase (non-upgrade) begin 30 days after the date the order is booked.
• The reseller can request an XpressCare Confirmation letter from AVST with each XpressCare purchase to provide to the customer.
• XpressCare contracts can be renewed anytime within 30 days of contract expiration. The new expiration date will be based on the previous contract’s effective date and length of contract purchased.

Requesting Upgrades as Part of an XpressCare Plan Entitlement:

AVST notifies resellers of a new software release via product bulletin. Resellers can view active XpressCare contracts on PartnerXpress ( to confirm which customers are eligible for the free upgrade. AVST does not automatically ship upgrades for customers who are entitled as part of XpressCare. Resellers should place a no charge purchase order to AVST on behalf of the customer, including at a minimum the system serial number and customer name. The reseller is responsible for all shipping charges associated with that order.

Per Incident Support

AVST provides AVST resellers with per incident support for sites that are not covered by an AVST XpressCare plan. Per incident support is available to AVST certified technicians only. Coverage is during business hours unless the system is down. Upgrades are not included. Per incident rates are based on the age of the system and whether support is provided during business hours. Billing is in 30 minute intervals with a one or two hour minimum
depending on the plan.

Renewal Guidelines for XpressCare

AVST resellers have access to view their support plans by customer on PartnerXpress ( – see “XpressCare Contracts” from main PartnerXpress menu. Access to this page must be enabled for a particular user, and can be requested by contacting an AVST sales representative. In addition, AVST notifies resellers via e-mail when expiring XpressCare contracts are due for renewal. Designated reseller support contract representatives will receive a monthly e-mail from AVST listing all contracts recently expired or due for renewal within the next 90 days.

Renewals for XpressCare must take place within 30 days of expiration of an existing XpressCare plan. After 30 days, customers must purchase a software upgrade to get back onto XpressCare. Renewals purchased will maintain the original renewal/expiration date. Resellers can move the renewal/expiration date by purchasing 13- months, 14-months, or 15-months of XpressCare.

Once the customer is ready to renew their XpressCare plan, the reseller should place a purchase order to AVST just like any other new purchase. The reseller can request an XpressCare Confirmation letter from AVST to provide to the customer.

Software Upgrade

Software Upgrades are available for purchase for CallXpress and Seneca products.

Software Upgrades include:

• Upgrade to the current version of software
• 12 months of XpressCare

* For more information contact AVS Sales