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CallXpress Speech Server, powered by Seneca, offers speech-enabled connectivity tools to CallXpress, making AVST's unified communications solutions complete. Using sophisticated voice recognition technology, Seneca provides speech access to your company's communication infrastructure and real-time call connectivity. It also offers hands-free mobile management of telephone calls, e-mail and fax messages, maximizing employee productivity.

Seneca allows you to:

  • Never miss another call from your most important customers dramatically improved success rate for person-to-person calls
  • Track down co-workers with just one call
  • Keep up with all voice, e-mail and fax messages anytime from anywhere such as the car, airport or hotel.
  • Focus on profitable tasks rather than administrative call handling and unproductive rounds of phone tag.

Powerful, Voice-Activated Communication

Seneca is built on award-winning voice-user interface tools for communication, messaging and content access. It speech-enables common office technologies, such as voice mail, e-mail, fax, PBX features, groupware, and calendaring.

Powered by intuitive voice commands, Seneca quickly connects callers to employees and employees to information. For instance, users may take calls and manage voice, fax and e-mail messages on a cell phone while driving to work, in a completely hands-free mode. Voice-activated management simplifies the task and ensures continued productivity even as countries and states legislate hands-free cell phone use.

Full hands-free Mobility

Seneca provides for a full hands-free user experience. You can access virtually the full functionality of Seneca using your voice, without having to dial. This includes the ability to log onto the system, access all messages, send messages, locate other users, make outgoing calls, schedule calendared appointments, and return to the Seneca menu to perform other functions after a call is completed.

One-Call Productivity

Via voice commands, callers may direct Seneca to locate an employee, call another contact or leave a message all in one call. Employees, on the other hand, may set Seneca to redirect calls from the office to any alternative location. As a result, more connections are completed more quickly whether users are in the office or on the road.

Simple to Use and Administer

Life is simple for the Seneca user. By memorizing a few short speech commands, you can gain back those precious lost calls, e-mails, faxes and more. You are better able to manage important connections by simply speaking, leaving your hands free for driving or typing.

Cost-Effective Integration

Seneca extends the capabilities of CallXpress, but also leverages other existing software and hardware investments. The module may be configured to integrate with and enhance virtually any voice mail system. Seneca also offers tailored, scalable configurations and compatibility with most PBX or KTS systems.